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Bottom line (unburied): Trader Joe’s confirms opening date in Boca

By Christine Davis
Trader Joe’s Boca Raton devotees are ready, waiting and hungry for the Boca Raton store to open at 855 S. Federal Highway. And, while they…

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Boca Raton: Firefighters clean up waterways Saturday

 Firefighters and paramedics of Boca Raton will be cleaning up the waterways. on Saturday, July 19. From  9 a.m. until noon, the 5th annual Waterway Cleanup hosted by the Boca Raton Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent will start at Lake Wyman and progress to Lake Boca.  The public is welcome to join the firefighters and their families for a morning of city beautification.  Call Aaron Oatley at 561-809-3570,…


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The Legacy of 'Nam

Fifty years ago this summer,

the Vietnam War began.

Area veterans remember the trials and triumphs of that era.…


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Along the Coast: All towns and cities see rise in taxable values

By Rich Pollack

    Taxable property values in Palm Beach County’s coastal communities have continued to grow, with increases ranging from barely noticeable in Briny Breezes to more than 14 percent in neighboring Gulf Stream.

    New construction and home sales to buyers…


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Boca Raton: Susan Haynie driving her city toward greater mobility

Susan Haynie was elected in March.

Tim Stepien/The Coastal Star

By Dan Moffett



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Editor's Note: Pledge calls to mind our good fortune as a country

“I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Pledge of Allegiance by Francis Bellamy, as written in 1892.

    When you attend as many municipal meetings as I do each month, you end up saying the Pledge of Allegiance many, many times.

You get to know where the American flag is located in every town…


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Coastal Star: Volunteer gets joy from other women’s success

Alene Egol helps Dress for Success clients choose donated clothing.

Tim Stepien/The Coastal Star

By Lucy Lazarony

    What’s the first thing an attorney with a master of…


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Lantana: Zoning change opens door to rental development at Cenacle

By Mary Thurwachter

    A zoning change for 10 acres of prime waterfront property that has been home to the Cenacle Spiritual Life Center in Lantana for nearly 60 years won the approval of the Lantana Town Council on June 9.

    The change, from C1 commercial to MW Mixed Use Waterfront, paves the way for development of a high-end rental community.

    Ocean Ridge developer Jerry Goray and Trinsic Residential Group (a Dallas-based company with an office in…


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Lantana: Public notably absent from town budget session

By Mary Thurwachter

    A rebounding economy and $39 million uptick in taxable property values to $724.9 million will give Lantana more money to work with next year.

    But residents shouldn’t expect a spending spree. After all, expenses are going up, too.

    For the first time, the town will have to buy flood insurance, a $63,000 expense. Pension costs for 27 police officers are up $24,000 to $413,000; and pension costs for almost 40 general employees…


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Delray Beach: City drops discussion of county fire-rescue

By Tim Pallesen

    Delray Beach will keep its own fire-rescue department after Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue failed to assure a long-term savings for city taxpayers.

    A county takeover was projected to have saved $2.1 million the first year. But three of five city commissioners voiced concerns after their financial director predicted that a county contract was likely to be more costly in the future.

    “There’s no certainty that the initial savings…


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Delray Beach: Dentist declines to be dislodged

A water truck sprays down the temporary driveway in front of Andrew Ross’s dental office

in Delray Beach. Inside the building (below), it is business as usual.…


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Delray Beach: Commission to pay for Chapman’s resignation

INSET BELOW: City Manager Louie Chapman Jr.

By Tim Pallesen 

   City commissioners voted 4-1 on July 1 to pay $69,400 to suspended City Manager Louie Chapman Jr. for his resignation.

Mayor Cary Glickstein and Commissioner Jordana Jarjura voiced frustration as they joined Commissioners Al Jacquet and Adam Frankel to accept the buyout settlement.

    Glickstein called Chapman’s settlement offer “highly repugnant.”…


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South Palm Beach: New police officer promoted to lieutenant

INSET BELOW: Robert Rizzotto

By Dan Moffett

    South Palm Beach Councilwoman Bonnie Fischer knew the town police department had made a good hire in Robert Rizzotto when she caught him pulling extra duty at the Town Hall earlier this year.

    “Shortly after he arrived here, he came on a weekend, on his time off, to wash some of the vehicles,” Fischer said. “I thought that was pretty cool.”



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Delray Beach: Interim manager willing to extend contract

INSET BELOW: Terry Stewart

By Tim Pallesen


    Delray Beach’s new interim city manager promises to stick around as long as it takes.

    Terry Stewart fills a breach that was created when city commissioners suspended City Manager Louie Chapman…


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Obituary: Jay H. Harris

By Bill Hirschman


    BOCA RATON — Businessman Jay H. Harris was not famous outside of theatrical circles in South Florida. But within that community, Mr. Harris was revered for his incalculable investment of time, advice and money that fueled its evolution from a region known for dinner theater into a significant center of theatrical excellence.

    Mr. Harris, of Boca Raton, died June 20 at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale at age 77 from…


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Delray Beach: City approves developer’s historic district request

    Despite intense lobbying from preservationists, the Delray Beach City Commission voted 3-2 to approve a developer’s request that would allow for denser and taller development in a section of the Old School Square Historic Arts District.

    The July 1 vote allows developer Hudson Holdings to build up to 38 units per acre and rise up to 48 feet on a six-parcel section near the intersection of SE 1st Street and SE 1st Avenue. Before the change, zoning in the historic district allowed…


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Highland Beach: Town pruning its own tree replacement rule

By Rich Pollack

    It is a question for the ages, but with a bit of a twist in Highland Beach.

    If a tree falls on the public right of way and no one is around to see it happen, does the adjacent property owner still have to replace it?

    That’s one of the questions Highland Beach town commissioners have been wrestling with as they try to clarify a 1990 municipal ordinance dealing with the question of who is responsible for maintaining landscaping on…


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Delray Beach: Puppy mill ordinance gets preliminary OK

By Dan Moffett

    Delray Beach joined the growing list of Florida communities that have acted against disreputable dog breeders when city commissioners gave preliminary approval to an ordinance that prohibits the sale of animals from puppy mills.

    Though Delray has no known puppy mills, state records show that mass breeding operations in the Midwest have provided thousands of dogs to South Florida sellers, including the city’s only pet shop, Waggs to Riches.…


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Ocean Ridge: Beach access strategy to be ready by August

By Dan Moffett


    Ocean Ridge residents may soon get some definitive answers on how commissioners plan to resolve the town’s long-running debate over public beach access.

    The town commission listened to more opinions from residents during a June 23 workshop and then agreed to draft a new comprehensive beach ordinance and write new language for signs — all of it targeted for release during the regular Aug. 4 commission meeting.



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Gulf Stream: Town rushes sober-house rules to meet federal disability requirements

By Dan Moffett


    Gulf Stream commissioners moved with unusual speed to pass unanimously an emergency ordinance that brings the town’s code in line with federal disability housing requirements.

    The new law took effect immediately, without the typical second reading and the typical second commission vote for approval, according to Town Clerk Rita Taylor.

    Why the hurry and what’s the emergency? Sober houses. And Martin O’Boyle.

    A week…


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