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Unethical, third rate, pseudo-legal bully tactics.

This Green lawyer intends to frighten residents into believing they will be sued if they speak out against Carons "right" to drop a big-footprint business guarded by steel gates and glaring security thugs into a peaceful single-family neighborhood. 

Disagreement with Caron is Forbidden!

Be Silent! Your Right of Free Speech is suspended!


Coastal Star readers should not take this as an issue that only affects some people in Delray Beach. The entire "recovery" industry has been quietly and aggressively expanding throughout this area and as you can tell from this letter and their other actions cares zip about the neighborhoods or communities they decide to place a facility in. We are essentially being told that the whole premise of "single family neighborhoods" has no meaning if someone with enough money wants to create what are essentially rooming houses next door to us.

Caron will continue to hold elegant receptions and fundraisers in Palm Beach with Donald Trump and others and promote their "good works" but they seem to consider those who actually live, work and pay taxes in the area as a nuisance. And it has nothing to do with anyone "discriminating" against an individual in recovery.  If any of them were to choose to buy a house in our neighborhood and become a real neighbor they would be welcomed.  

What is clear is that instead of choosing to constructively work with Delray Beach and its citizens to seek a mutually acceptable arrangement for what Caron wants to achieve, they instead have chosen direct and threatening confrontation to any and all who resist their intrusion into our neighborhoods.  The whole process has been secretive, antagonistic, and defined by such actions as the letter shown here. How Caron thinks they are creating a welcoming environment for those in recovery is hard to fathom.

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