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Dogs Rescued from a Dog Meat Farm Get a New Life Here in Palm Beach County!

   Most of you probably read in the local newspapers about the dog rescue operations that the Humane Society International has been involved with. Read more here:

   This is the sixth dog farm that the HSUS/HSI has shut down in South Korea.  They have done an amazing job of working with these farmers to voluntarily stop the dog farming and train them in other businesses, like scrap metal or fruit and veggie farming. It also helps that the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in South Korea so the pressure to avoid the negative publicity of farming/eating dogs works in their favor. 

   All For One Pet Rescue took 3 of those dogs. They had a long, exhausting few days of travel from South Korea to San Francisco, then to Orlando, then to Vero Beach, then to us here in Palm Beach County. It is unimaginable to think these beautiful faces and spirits were bred in order to be eaten. They are understandably fearful and untrusting of humans but have been very cooperative during intake and baths. Now that they are in their foster homes, we are giving them plenty of time to build their trust of humans and learn how to just be dogs and do doggy things like going for walks on a leash, napping on a soft bed, accepting love and scratches from humans, and playing with toys. When they will be made available for adoption will be assessed individually and determined when we think they are ready.

   One of these dogs is being fostered by Ben & Mayra Stern in Highland Beach, FL.

When Ben and Mayra saw their foster dog for the first time, she was hiding in her crate and did not want to come out. As can be imagined, she was very nervous and anxious, but Ben & Mayra managed to get her into the back seat of the car, where she slowly went from a heavy pant, scared and shedding, to calm and relaxed by the time they arrived home. They carried her inside, where she was greeted by their waggy-tailed "ambassa-dog" Cubby, who welcomed her with open paws and a good sniffing all over. It was only 15 foster dogs ago that Cubby was in the same situation when they first brought him to their home. After Cubby gave her a tour of her new digs, you can already see from the picture below that she is starting to adapt to their loving home and major spoiling.

   She is such a sweet and pretty girl. In a few days, Princess will be sleeping with Ben, Mayra, and Cubby in their bed! It is amazing how far she has come already. Last night, she slept under Mayra's nightstand instead of her cage, and today, she let Mayra brush her hair. The little things that make a huge difference!

                                                  Princess enjoying her new life

   Princess is not available for adoption yet, but will be when she is ready. If you are interested in adopting her, please, contact All For One Pet Rescue at and they will let you know when she is ready for adoption. You can also follow these dogs progress here:

   Ben and Mayra Stern are very excited to be part of this international rescue effort!

   If you would like to donate to the care of these dogs, please go to:
Or you can mail a donation to: P.O. Box 213325, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421

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