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Letter to the Editor: Respect and obey public safety workers

Our little town is in uncharted waters.

There is confusion as we try to limit exposure to the coronavirus. I get numerous phone calls each day — some from citizens upset that we have not closed the bridges, others upset that they cannot go to the beaches.

Some asking that the Old Ocean Boulevard promenade be closed due to heavy pedestrian traffic.

Despite the differences of opinions, there is one constant as each day passes: the Ocean Ridge Police Department. The officers are doing the best they can to achieve one common goal — keeping us from catching the virus.

Sometimes a citizen refuses to listen to their guidance. In each of these cases the officers are working as politely as possible with residents to achieve one goal — to keep people safe.

So please do not confront or argue with law enforcement officials who are putting themselves at risk by interacting with more people each hour than you interact with all day. Remember, they too have families and friends, and are at greater risk of contracting the same virus you are trying to avoid.

Town Manager Tracey Stevens, Police Chief Hal Hutchins and town staff are in daily briefings with the county and the state.

They are implementing any new directives to the best of their abilities and using common-sense discretion whenever possible.

They are doing an incredible job under these stressful circumstances and should be thanked by each of us.

Stay safe and healthy.

— Steve Coz

Mayor of Ocean Ridge

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We appreciate all of our Town officials and Town employees and the incredible work they are doing. Thank you.

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