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You outta be in pictures Part deux! French or other upscale Boca restaurants...

The beauty shop scenes are filmed and we happily move onto restaurant filming.  Anyone with a fine dining or upscale restaurant that would have us, please reply.  Your restaurant will earn film credits and help get more exposure, esp. important in this economy.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to post here and I'll "pick up my mail" soon.  Thank you!  Tina

Shop closed Sun's or Mon's?  Or any half day?  Perfect!  Boca or area salon needed for half day film shoot, mid or end of March 2013.  In need of painting, tiny shop, a little rough around the edges?  No problem.  Any backdrop will work.  Would just need a small reception area, operator's station, a few walls as backdrop.  No hijinks, mostly dialogue, minimal cameras, mature crew of about 10.   Big on promo, you'd get film credits, talk you up on social media --our film community will know about your shop.  Contact me here if your salon fits the bill and you are interested.  Or use bottom link of home page on  Thank you.  Tina

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Vote for fellow Boca Ratonians at Tethered.  Click below link > scroll to Deadwaiter > (may be on right side of page) click Like.   That's it.  No passwords needed that I can see.  Help give Deadwaiter and Boca a bigger dot on the filmmaking map!!/utshow

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