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Delray Beach: City voters to decide two questions

    Delray Beach will hold a special election in conjunction with the presidential preference primary on March 15 to present two ballot questions to the city’s voters. One ballot question asks voters if they want to change the city charter and the other asks whether voters want to repeal the act that created the city’s civil service code.
Ballot Question #1:
Charter Amendment — Authority to appoint internal auditor
    The charter currently does not provide for the appointment of an internal auditor. Under the proposed charter amendment, the City Commission would have the discretion to appoint an internal auditor, to serve at the pleasure of the City Commission, to review the business practices, procedures, internal controls and procurement practices of the City of Delray Beach.

Ballot Question #2:
Repeal of special act creating the civil service code for the city employees.
    Florida law requires a referendum to change any rights of municipal employees contained in a special law. This proposed repeal would allow the City Commission to amend its civil service code by ordinance rather than holding a referendum and submitting a local bill to the Florida Legislature.

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