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Election Results

Lantana Group #3

Tom Deringer - 417 votes, 68.25%

Joseph Ferrell - 194 votes, 31.75%


Lantana Election: Town Council Group 4

Lantana: Candidates volley ideas and pass pop quiz


Councilman Tom Deringer’s Group 3 and Councilwoman Elizabeth Tennyson’s Group 4 terms are expiring, with Tennyson not seeking re-election. Council members are elected town-wide to three-year terms at $4,800 salary with no term limits.


Town Council Group 3

TOM DERINGER (i)PERSONAL: 57; married; two children; attended the University of Kentucky in business administration.

PROFSSIONAL: Founder and owner of Palm Beach Tire auto tire and repair shop since 1993.

POLITICAL: Seeking fourth term on Town Council.

PRIORITY: In all nine years I have never raised taxes. One of the biggest things is with the bridge closing. I want to make sure that emergency services and those kind of things continue, on the island side especially. So police and fire are a big priority for me.










PERSONAL: 48; married, B.A. business, Stetson University.

PROFSSIONAL: Representative for Commercial Flooring Distributors, similar companies past 10 years.

POLITICAL: First run for office.

PRIORITY: If we don’t invest in our town, no one else will either. Help keep Lantana green! We must commit to selling Lantana as a beautiful and desirable place to live and engage in business.

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