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Election Results

Lantana Group 4

Philip Aridas - 325 votes, 52.17%

Susan McCreery - 298 votes, 47.83%


Lantana Election: Town Council Group 3

Lantana: Candidates volley ideas and pass pop quiz


Councilman Tom Deringer’s Group 3 and Councilwoman Elizabeth Tennyson’s Group 4 terms are expiring, with Tennyson not seeking re-election. Council members are elected town-wide to three-year terms at $4,800 salary with no term limits.

Town Council Group 4

PERSONAL: 56; married; air conditioning and refrigeration repair degree from Lincoln Technical College, New Jersey; jewelry repair degree from International School of Jewelry, New Jersey.

PROFSSIONAL: Co-owner of Barbara Aridas Designs jewelry store in Delray Beach for 30 years.

POLITICAL: Unsuccessfully ran for Town Council in 2009.

PRIORITY: My main issues with our town that need to be dealt with are new businesses, public safety, concerns with the bridge closing along with keeping our boat ramp accessible to our residents and maintaining general housekeeping for our town to preserve our seaside community.
­—Candidate profiles by C.B. Hanif







PERSONAL: 46; single, B.A business administration, Northwood University; M.B.A., Palm Beach Atlantic University.

PROFSSIONAL: Director of public relations, Northwood University, 18 years.

POLITICAL: Served as an alternate and regular member of planning and zoning board past two years; first run for office.

PRIORITY: Lantana’s history and old-Florida feel set it apart from the rest, so it remains important that creative methods are developed to cut costs and enhance economic prosperity while ensuring that the town maintains its tropical character. I’d be honored to roll up my sleeves to assist the effort. We face challenges ahead with the Lantana Bridge closing, but opportunities as well with the revenue-producing possibilities that the A.G. Holley property has to offer.

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