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Paws Up for Pets: Radio host talks to people about talking to animals

Tim Link communicates with a dog.

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By Arden Moore

    Far too often, we engage in one-way conversations with our pets. We talk. They listen. Or at least, they try to interpret what we are saying. Your dog may cock his head when you start a sentence with the words, “Do you want to …” and your cat may purr like a diesel engine and come racing your way when you rattle his treat jar and shout out, “Treat!”
    To me, one of the most fascinating movie characters for pet lovers was the legendary Dr. Doolittle — the guy who could magically talk to the animals. Rex Harrison starred in that title role in the late 1960s and then Eddie Murphy reprised the role in the late 1980s.
    Well, I’m happy to introduce to you a genuine modern-day Dr. Doolittle. Nationally renowned animal communicator Tim Link not only knows how to conduct two-way conversations with dogs, cats and other companion animals, but he also knows how to teach us. His strategies are all spelled out in his new book, Talking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals.
    Ever wonder what your pet’s bark, meow, chirp or stare really means? Are you ready to talk with — and not at — your pet? And, do you desire to find a way to reconnect with beloved pets who have passed away? Animal communication class is now in session.
    “More people these days really want to know what their pets are thinking and are looking for a way to better connect at a deeper level with their pets,” notes Link, who is also a reiki practitioner and nationally syndicated radio host of Animal Writes show on Pet Life Radio. “People are born with a natural ability to communicate telepathically, but not everyone realizes it or knows how to tap into this ability.”
    Link discovered his telepathic talents in 2007 when he attended an animal communication workshop with his wife, Kim. It was a birthday present for his wife. At the time, Link was focused on his telecommunication sales career. But during the workshop, he discovered he could truly communicate with his pets. He then tested his talents with friends’ pets and shelter pets in the Atlanta area as his confidence grew.
    “For me, interspecies communication involves establishing a telepathic connection with the animal by either being in the proximity of the animal or through the use of a picture of the animal,” explains Link. “Some animals can be very talkative, while others are not. But I have not encountered an animal yet who has declined my request to communicate with them on behalf of their human companion.”
    Link conducts workshops all over the country. He applies his telepathic abilities for practical purposes. He has reunited lost pets with pet parents and helped resolve pet behavior issues by conversing with cats to find out why they are suddenly boycotting their litter boxes or chatting with dogs to discover the cause behind their separation anxiety feelings.
    And, he outlines a specific game plan on how people can hone their abilities to engage in two-way conversations with their pets in his new book. To sharpen your communication skills with your pet, Link advises that you:
    • Recognize that each animal has a unique personality.
    • Understand that all animals have feelings and emotions.
    • Quiet your mind and open your heart to communicate with your pets.
    • Trust the information you receive from your pets.
    “We all need to center our energy and keep ourselves in the present moment in order to better connect with our dogs and cats,” he says. “Our animals live in the present moment. They don’t dwell in the past and they don’t wait for the future to arrive.”
    In his book, he identifies these three simple but vital steps to effectively communicate with your pet:
    • Say what you want out loud.
    • Mentally visualize what that looks like to you.
    • Communicate using a positive tone and positive energy.
    “The truth is that animals do understand us when we communicate verbally with them,” says Link. “They sense our meaning and moods on other levels as well, but they are perfectly capable of processing verbal information. We should talk to our pets just like we would talk to any person.”
    With the help of animal communicators like Tim Link, conversation in your pet household is likely to become quite engaging and enlightening. To learn more about Link, visit

Arden Moore, founder of, is an animal behavior consultant, editor, author, professional speaker and master certified pet first aid instructor. Each week, she hosts the popular Oh Behave! show on Learn more by visiting

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