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"Tulip" a Tri County Humane Society dog will be up for adoption soon!

Yesterday our foster dog Ellie found a home and we were so happy for her but a little sad that she was no longer with us. This morning we woke up a bit later than usual, enjoyed the sunrise from our condo balcony and thought to ourselves: "it is kind of nice not having to wake up early to walk a dog"...even though we were missing having one at home with us. A few minutes later, the phone rang and it was the TriCounty Humane Society. They told us that "Tulip" needed a foster home while she is under treatment. So, here she is with us at home! Tulip is a beautiful, eight year old Maltese dog that will be up for adoption in a month or so. She is still very scared but loving. She enjoys walking around the home and exploring her new temporary accommodations. If you want more information about Tulip, please contact the shelter at: 561/482-8110.

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